dadoda® is a mini graphic design studio, based in Shanghai China, focused on visual identities and illustration design. We try to avoid routines and always have an open mind for new approaches and techniques. Apart from commissioned work, Dadoda is also interested in creating conceptually driven art goods, and publishing zines on the subjects of art. We believe that these can add some "ha-ha moments" to your life.

大多大®是成立于上海的一个小型平面设计工作室,专注于视觉识别与插画设计。我们尽量避免“模式化创作”,对新的方法和技术始终保持开放的态度。除委托工作外,我们还专注于创造一些以概念为驱动的艺术产品和自出版物,ALOT®是我们的注册品牌,旨在传递轻松与快乐。希望大多大®能为大家的生活中增添一些 “Ha-ha moment”。

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